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Service Prices

Standard Tuning.....$115

Pitch Raising or Lowering....$15-$75 extra

Price of a raising or lowering is an extra charge to a standard tuning. The amount depends on how much of the piano is in need of pitch adjustment. If an area of the piano or the whole piano is more than 10-15 cents below or above pitch (100 cents = 1/2 step), then either a partial or complete pitch raising/lowering will be necessary to ensure a stable tuning. This entails tuning the affected portion or the whole piano to bring it close to the correct pitch before doing the actual fine tuning of the piano. Consequently, an exact price for a tuning cannot be given until the  piano has been examined, but it will be between $115 and $190. If one portion of the piano needs raising/lowering, it's $15 extra. If most of the piano needs a pitch adjustment, it's $30 extra. If the piano has one or more sections more than 50 cents off standard pitch, I will usually raise/lower the pitch at the first visit and then come back in two or three weeks to do the fine tuning, allowing the piano to get used to the drastically different amount of tension on the strings and soundboard. Then the whole process will cost $190.

Rough Tuning.......$90

This a once-through, quick tuning that gets the piano to proper pitch and close to being in tune, but not as close as a standard fine tuning.

Repair & Regulation Work...$60/hour (plus materials)

Action and key repairs, string replacements, hammer filing and voicing to regulation or cleaning of the entire piano...whatever the problem, call me.

Piano Evaluations.....$30 plus travel fee if over 30 miles

Travel Fee for more than 30 miles one-way.....$10

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