Covid-19  Procedures

I have developed procedures for no-contact or low-contact visits. I would be happy to hear your reaction and if you have any suggestions to make them better.


These are my Procedures for Safely Working During COVID-19. These procedures are for your protection and for mine, since I am in several high risk categories. It is not the way I like to work, but extra caution is the only way to proceed at this point.


(1) I will wear a mask when I arrive and ask customers to do the same while we are conversing. If you wish, I will let you know when I arrive and you can simply leave the door open for me and let me know where the piano is if it’s not obvious upon entering. We can talk by phone or text (734-649-3455).


(2) I will clean the keys after I arrive and remove all used cleaning materials when I leave.


(3) Please leave me alone in the room while tuning, including pets and children. I normally don’t mind people watching me while I work, but for now we should limit contact.


(4) I will use hand sanitizer before appointments and again before working on the piano. I will also be cleaning my tools and bag periodically.


(5) I will be accepting payment by:


          Check or cash, or

          Credit card by reading me the

             information. I will not be swiping


         *If you would like to limit contact but

           want to pay by check, I will leave a

           self-addressed, stamped envelope

           for you with the receipt.

(6) Obviously, if you (or I) should show any symptoms of COVID-19, we should cancel our appointment and wait until a later time. 


I hope these procedures are not too onerous. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!




Chris Grapentine

Grape’s Piano Services

Cleaning your Piano Keys

During this time (and other times ) many people want to keep their keys clean. Here are a few tips:

(1) If you want to disinfect the keys, use alcohol-based disinfectants, not bleach or citrus based.

(2) Spray or apply liquids onto a cloth or paper towel, not on to the piano. Keep the amount of liquid to a minimum. Wipe both the black and white keytops and fronts and the sides of the black keys. Wipe dry with a clean cloth or towel.


(3) If the keys are just dirty, you can clean the keys with a barely damp washcloth, making sure you don’t have water running down beneath the keys. If necessary, use a little mild soap on the cloth. Rinse with another barely damp cloth and dry